Return from Lisbon: Condor, Eurowings, Sundair and Tuifly fly Aida Nova airlift

For more than 2800 travelers, the cruise with the Aida Nova ended prematurely in Lisbon due to Corona. Airlines are now bringing tourists back to Germany with charter flights.

Actually, the journey should continue towards the Canary Islands and only end on January 5th. However, on December 31, 2021, crew members on board the cruise ship Aida Nova tested positive for the corona virus. The 337 meter long and 42 meter wide ship with more than 2800 guests on board could not leave the port of Lisbon.

First, the German operator Aida Cruises wanted to deploy new staff. But with more than 50 crew members testing positive, the company finally canceled the continuation of the trip on January 2nd. The return flight of the guests to Germany, Austria and Switzerland has already been organized, the group said.

Condor with several Lisbon flights

At least in the direction of Germany, this can be clearly seen on Monday (January 3) at the planned departures from Lisbon Airport. In addition to normal scheduled flights, Eurowings operates additional flights. The Airbus A320 with the registration number D-ABZL flies to Düsseldorf in the afternoon under flight number EW5479. The Airbus A319 with the registration D-AGWD takes off shortly afterwards towards Cologne.

Condor’s Boeing 757 with the registration D-ABOK will also fly to Düsseldorf at noon under flight number DE3669. Two more 757 (D-ABOH and D-ABOK) have the day-long program Frankfurt – Lisbon – Düsseldorf – Lisbon – Hamburg and Frankfurt – Lisbon – Frankfurt – Lisbon – Hamburg on Monday.

Tuifly’s Boeing 737-800 in action

Tuifly is sending the Boeing 737-800 with the registration D-AHLK as flight X38001 from Lisbon to Hanover on Monday afternoon. A flight from Lisbon to Leipzig is also planned for the afternoon under flight number X38007. And Sundair’s Airbus A320 with the registration D-ANNA is also on the way from Dresden towards Lisbon and we will fly back to Berlin in the afternoon. The A319 with the registration D-ASSB coming from Kassel steers towards Portugal in the same way, in order to then fly to Berlin.

The Airbus A321 with the registration CS-TJQ from Tap Air Portugal is flying the route Lisbon – Frankfurt – Amsterdam – Lisbon under flight number TP2862.

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