Resisting When Arrested, Child Kidnappers in Bogor-South Jakarta Shot by Police


Police arrested Abi Rizal Afif, boy kidnap suspect F (11) from Bogor and K (12) from Pasanggrahan, South Jakarta, and 10 other children from West Jakarta and Central Jakarta. The perpetrator had to be shot by the police for resisting when they were about to be arrested.

“Yes (the perpetrator was shot). The perpetrators resisted, so we took firm and measured action,” said Head of the Bogor Police Criminal Investigation Unit, AKP Siswo Tarigan, Thursday (12/5/2022).

Abbi Rizal Afif was arrested by the police while he was in a place of worship in the Senayan area, Central Jakarta, on Thursday (12/5) this afternoon.

Together with the perpetrators, the police also secured 10 kidnapped children from various areas in Jakarta.

“We arrested the perpetrators along with 10 children who we managed to secure,” said Iman.

The 10 children who were kidnapped are:

1. F (from Central Jakarta)

2. FA (from Central Jakarta)

3. G (from Central Jakarta)

4. J (asal Jakbar)

5. MA (from Jakpus)

6. C (from Central Jakarta)

7. K (from South Jakarta)

8. MR (from Jakpus)

9. MO (from Jakpus)

10. N (from Central Jakarta)

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