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Resistance fighter Anton de Kom, the first Surinam, with a place in the Canon of the Netherlands, THE


Suriname freedom fighter and a resistance fighter Anton de Kom has been given a place in the Canon of the Netherlands. He was the first to Surinam, which in this prestigious price. The herijkte the canon is, according to the authors are more diverse and offer a internationalere look at from the previous version.

President, James Kennedy, of the Commission’s Review provided an updated version on Monday to the prime minister, Ingrid van Engelshoven (Education) to you.

The born in Paramaribo Anton de Kom was a Surinamese freedom fighter, and a Dutch resistance fighter. He was born in the 1920’s to the Netherlands, where he was involved in the feminist movement and the civil rights of the Surinamese people.

The Bowl was made during the Second world War, active in the resistance movement. He died in april 1945 just before the liberation, at the age of 47 in the concentration camp of Neuengamme. The producer of Moving Pictures is currently working on a feature film about his life.

The herijkingscommissie has to Come, because his presence in the canon, “the negative legacy of racism and colonialism,” the staff may be addressed.

Canon is a guideline for history education at the school

The list of references, provides guidance to the knowledge of the nation’s history, that students at their school, in any case, need to acquire.

A lot of methods and books in both the elementary and secondary education to make use of it. The first version of which was fourteen years ago, it has been introduced.

BLM protests as ‘manifestation of a long process

There are multiple windows, such as the Floris V, which is in the old centre of amsterdam and Willem Drees from the updated Canon be achieved. In addition, Anton de Kom which were also the Johan van Oldenbarneveldt, the workers, and the orange feeling will be added.

According to Kennedy, recent antiracismeprotesten has no role to play in adding to The Bowl with the Canon as the work of the herijkingscommissie in February, has already been completed.

“The changes in society that have been going on was, we watched for a long time. In a sense, that is what’s happening right now with the protests are a manifestation of the processes that we’ve seen,” said Kennedy.

“More room for the darker side of history’

Minister for education, Van Engelshoven stated that the custom in canon, more space was needed for the “darker side of the history of the Netherlands”.

The National council of Teachers of basic education welcomes the fact that the critical attention paid to the way in which the racism and the colonial past of the Netherlands will be discussed.



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