Health Researchers reveal how the causes of cough in penetrating...

Researchers reveal how the causes of cough in penetrating the drops of saliva for Face masks!


A new study warned that MERS-CoV is able to move between the two people standing at a distance of up to 3 feet (0.91 meters), even if one of them was wearing a mask of face of Class A surgical.

Researchers from the University of Nicosia in Cyprus, that the masks become less effective when they cough, people frequently.

Scientists say the findings “alarming”, and stress the importance of maintaining the base of the social distance: 6 feet (1.8 meters), even when wearing masks.

Professor participating in the study, Dimitris risks, of the University of Nicosia, the TV channel alone cannot prevent the transfer of drops of saliva completely. He added: “many drops the bomb, and some particles of saliva-bearing disease, moving more than 1.2 meters (4 feet)”, although most of them moving less than one meter.

It is believed that the facial masks work to slow the spread of the corona virus, but little is known about how the quality of their work or in any circumstances will not work.

The study, published in the Physics of FluidsThat face masks can reduce transmission droplet airborne – but does not eliminate it completely.

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The study of sudden alleging that MERS-CoV may spread in the spray from the toilet!

Without the mask, this drops to a large extent about the pressure, so wear a face mask helps in reducing the risk of transmission of the deadly disease.

However, the frequent cough, which is one of the symptoms of MERS-CoV, reduces the efficiency of the channel and thus allows the transmission drops more polluted.

Showed the previous work done by the team itself, that drops of saliva could jump 18 feet in 5 seconds, when the coughing person not wearing the mask.

At this time, used a computer model accurate to draw interference patterns generated when a coughing person wearing a mask. They took into account possible weather conditions, disturbance of the air and even the temperature of the skin and mouth when you cough.

The researchers conducted numerical simulation to interpret the interactions of the droplet with the filter porosity in the surgical mask.

Based on tests to a surgical mask Standard, showed the efficiency of an initial amount of about 91% when the Prevention of the droplets from moving.

For the purposes of the act, has been expanded droplet by a factor of 600 compared to their actual size, making it easier to track.

Said dress: “change the sizes of the droplet and require continuously during the sessions of the cough, as a result of the interactions of the many with the mask and the face”.

He explained the research team that it is still unclear whether the drops are big or small more infection. They advise health care workers to wear personal protective equipment the most complete, when the patient’s care.

He also urged the researchers, manufacturers and regulators, to consider new criteria to evaluate the performance of the channel, which takes into account the physics of the flow dynamics of a cough.

Source: Daily Mail


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