Researchers Discover New Muscle Layer in Human Jaw That Helps It Be More Stable – For researcher have found layers muscle new in jaw man which works to make a person more stable.

This discovery was discovered by para researcher from the University of Basel, Switzerland.

They found that the layer muscle it sticks to the process muscle or it can also be called coronoid in jaw lower.

That layer can be interesting jaw down to the back of the ear. The masseter muscle is muscle jaw the most prominent.

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If we put our fingers on the back of the cheek and press the teeth together, we will feel muscle which is stretched.

“The inside of muscle This masseter can be distinguished from the other two layers based on their location and function,” said Szilvia Mezey of the Department of Biomedicine at the University of Basel.

In a study in the scientific journal Annals of Anatomy, research was conducted on people who had died and donated their bodies to science.

The masseter muscle is described as having three layers. Likewise in a study in the 2000s.

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