Business Research on: diversity and inclusion is not a priority...

Research on: diversity and inclusion is not a priority at the workplace


On the factory floor by the Dutch companies, there is little attention paid to diversity and inclusiveness, it is evident from a survey of over 2,000 human resource professionals. Only about 20 percent of the companies surveyed has an active policy on diversity, it is one of the main findings.

Consultancy firm, Berenschot, de Performa, and AFAS were asked to meet with the hiring managers what they believe to be the most important issues for the 2020 and 2021 have been. The theme of ‘diversity and inclusion’ dangling for years at the bottom of the list, and in the years in which the survey is being carried out in the top-10 has not yet been met.

“That’s a concern,” says Hans van der Spek, a consultant for Berenschot. “In spite of the societal and political attention, it appears that these issues are now and are expected to be in the future is far from top priority. While, in the meantime, the value of diversity and inclusion, has repeatedly been tried and tested.”

You won’t be surprised

Of the respondents said that 66 percent are not actively managing diversity (cbd). Jojanneke van der Toorn, professor of inclusion for lgbt employees at the University of Leiden, gives, as a result of the study of an online reading with the HR-managers what is the policy on diversity in organisations, to a structural improvement can be made. She is not surprised by the findings: “a Lot of organizations that have diversity and inclusion as a theme on the map, but it will embed them in their policies. Thus, they remain of secondary importance.”

“The employers are not aware that their organizational structure is based on a particular type of worker, the well-known” to be heterosexual, white men without disabilities.”

According to Van der Toorn, structural solutions are needed. Hands-on training on unconscious bias is not enough: “Such training needs to form part of a broader package that is in line with the company’s vision, which with concrete objectives can be set and progress can be tracked. Otherwise it makes no sense at all.”


The research shows that the most important reason for the diversity of connection to the society’s vision’ to be. Van der Spek: “This is how you, as an organisation, to relate to the people around you. I would like to if the company has a diverse profile, or I think it’s important, because in my company there is a better performer?” That is the latest in motivation – making a positive contribution to the performance of the employees was standing on the track, as a driver of the HR manager.

It is also clear that each sector is different as to how important diversity is to be considered. This means that the companies in the sector of Public administration is the most focussed on the diversity, 44 percent said this. In the manufacturing sector and the industrial Sector is 15 per cent.

Professor of of Of of Anger: “It’s not your city, it would have to have it, but how do you find this policy provision. The diversiteitsaanpak that will work best for an organization depends on the motives and the objectives. Pursue a diverse workforce because in this way, the performance of the employees to raise the monitor than on their performance. It is a representative number of employees or the creation of equal opportunities, then a different approach is required. However, in all cases, it is true that an inclusive environment is critical.


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