Report: Apple and Facebook accidentally hand over user data to hackers

The cyber criminals submit fake emergency requests. Allegedly, this is how you get addresses and telephone numbers of users. The 16-year-old who is said to be behind the latest attacks by the LAPSUS$ group may also be behind the action.

Hackers have apparently found a new way of getting personal data for targeted attacks. how Bloomberg reported that they are said to have tried to force technology companies to hand over user data with fake legal documents. According to the newspaper’s sources, both Apple and Facebook parent Meta fell for the trick.

Accordingly, both companies handed over data such as addresses, telephone numbers and IP addresses to the hackers, who posed as law enforcement agencies. They also submitted bogus “emergency requests” that do not require a court order.

In addition to Meta and Apple, the hackers are said to have also targeted Snapchat’s mother Snap. However, it is unclear whether Snap actually shared data, the report said. It is also not known how many fake requests for information were submitted to the companies.

Underage hackers from the USA and Great Britain are said to be behind the attacks. Among them is said to be the 16-year-old, who is believed to be the head of the LAPSUS$ group, which in turn was responsible for the recent attacks on Microsoft, Samsung and Nvidia.

When asked by Bloomberg, Apple and Meta referred to their policies for dealing with government requests. However, they did not confirm the transfer of data due to fake requests.

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