Renting a house in Flanders and Brussels has never been so expensive

The average rent for a house on the Flemish and Brussels rental market rose by 4.70 percent or 38 euros in 2021, to 846 euros. That was never so much before, according to an analysis by Dewaele Vastgoedgroep on Monday of about 12,000 lettings in Flanders and Brussels. It is striking that the rents of apartments did not rise last year for the first time since 2017. The average rent for an apartment for Flanders and Brussels is 719 euros. Although it seems likely that most rents will make an index jump in 2022 due to the high inflation of recent months.


“More and more tenants are looking for a house with more space and prefer a house to an apartment. The supply of rental houses cannot keep up with this rising demand, and the result is higher rents for houses,” says real estate expert Filip Dewaele.

For a single house, the monthly rent even rises to an average of 976 euros, or an increase of 3.55 percent. For a semi-detached building, that is an average of 842 euros per month, which is an increase of 4.65 percent compared to last year. For a closed building, on the other hand, you pay an average of 813 euros per month, or 1.68 percent more than a year ago.

Finally, according to Dewaele Vastgoedgroep, it is striking that rental properties can present an increasingly better EPC score. This is undoubtedly due to the increasingly strict measures and obligations that drive up quality, it is said.

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