Renault Taliant is on sale. How is it different from sister Dacie Logan?

Taliant uses the same basis as the current Dacia Logan. However, it differs from it not only by its name and emblem on the hood, but also by other elements.

Renault has been selling Dacia models with its features in selected summer markets. In the future, however, it wants to differentiate these sister models more significantly, in order to emphasize the differentiation of these two brands of the French group. The first swallow of this strategy is the Renault Taliant, a sedan with the technology of the new Dacia Logan, which, however, differs from the brotherly model of the Romanian brand in many ways.

The car was first introduced in the spring, but now it is officially going on sale, thus revealing other parameters. Thanks to that, we know how Taliant differs from Logan.

The same base of both cars in the form of the modular CMF-B platform is revealed by the same silhouette or side glazing, but otherwise Taliant is significantly different. The bow was completely redesigned, dominated by a mask with a distinctive Renault logo, which is typical of today’s cars. The headlights also changed, as did the bumper. However, the changes continue at the rear, the basic shape, including the lid, is the same for both sedans, but the solution of the tail lights is completely different. At Renault, they penetrate the boot lid.

The external dimensions are also basically the same – Taliant is like a Logan 4,396 mm long and 1,848 mm wide, with a wheelbase of 2,649 mm. However, the height increased slightly to 1,501 mm due to the clearance adapted to the Turkish roads.

Important changes can also be found inside. Taliant bet on a specific steering wheel of Renault, the center console or ventilation vents were also redesigned. However, the theme of the free-standing eight-inch infotainment screen has been retained, as has the fabric decor of higher specifications.

The range of engines then includes the basic atmospheric three-cylinder 1.0 SCe (48 kW), the supercharged three-cylinder 1.0 TCe (67 kW) and its derivative on LPG with 74 kW. The turbodiesel, which the previous Renault Symbol offered in the form of the 1.5 Blue dCi, is no longer available. It Logan on the Czech market is currently available exclusively with 1.0 TCe LPG (74 kW) capable of burning compressed natural gas.

Renault Taliant is currently starting to be sold in the Turkish market, where the last generation of Logan was sold as Renault Symbol. It is not clear at this time whether Taliant will also go to other destinations. However, the previous Symbol was also sold in North Africa, the Middle East and South America, for example, and in selected markets it bore the Renault Logan designation.


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