Relaxing win. USK Praha basketball players outclassed Montpellier

“We didn’t feel any desire for revenge. It was more about the joy of how we play the last matches. It can be seen that all players are good, they can find themselves and they play as a team really well. In this form, every opponent will have a problem with us. , “USK coach Natália Hejková told reporters.

Coach Natálie Hejková’s fellow won the prestigious competition for the fourth time in a row and they are also second in the group A table by Salamanca. At the same time, he holds the home invincibility even after the fourth match. In the next match, USK will face the MBA Moscow again at home in a week.

“Are we in perfect shape? It doesn’t exist. Even in the first half, which was good for us, we could have played a lot faster and more ahead. We still can’t underestimate anything, not even with Moscow. But I hope we keep ours. mood and commitment, “said Hejková.

USK started the match with six successful attacks and took the lead 13: 5. The main driver was the American sub-player Thomas, who scored 11 points in less than five minutes. The Czech team continued in a consistent defense, punishing opponents from fast breaks and won the first quarter 28:15.

Dominance in the second half as well

The home players did not slow down in the second part either, and in addition to six profits, they also collected six blocks in this passage. Thomas was joined by compatriot Brionna Jones with 11 or Stankovič with seven points. The USK’s lead gradually increased to 27 points and the fans in the Královka hall were only uncertain by the minor injury of Thomas, who held her hand at the end of the first half after falling to the board. But the 29-year-old support of the Prague residents continued to play.

“This was an awkward moment and I was a little scared. She has a huge problem with her shoulders, and when I saw that they pulled her hand … Luckily she’s fine. She’s checking it herself. She guesses what the pain is and what it means, “revealed Hejková.

The Czech champions checked the development of the match even after the break. Although they hit only two three-point shots from 19 attempts in the whole match, thanks to a solid defense and superiority in the rebound, they did not leave a comfortable lead below 25 points. In the last part of the USK, despite the rotation of the mainstays, it increased its lead. The Prague team won the Euroleague for the fourth time in a row with a difference of more than 24 points.

European Basketball League – Group A, Round 8:
USK Prague – Montpellier 89:54 (28:15, 53:26, 68:42)
Most points: Thomas 18, Stankovičová 17, Jonesová 15 – Époupaová 17, Petersová 10, Plouffeová 8. Fouls: 14:20. Free throws: 26/17 – 13/5. Threes: 2: 5. Rebounds: 56:40.


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