Regular consumption of coconut water can relieve stomach acid disease, from potassium content

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – GERD is acid reflux that causes a burning sensation in the chest.

This condition causes discomfort so that it interferes with activities.

However stomach acid Rising can be overcome by consuming coconut water.

Quoted from, stomach acid rises causing a hot sensation in the throat and chest.

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In addition, the stomach will feel full, nauseous and a constant urge to burp.

Consuming coconut water can relieve the burning sensation in the throat due to stomach acid which goes up.

This is because coconut water Contains carbohydrates and electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, and magnesium.

So consuming coconut water can rehydrate the body and have a cooling effect.

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Content potassium in coconut water It can also balance the pH in the stomach.

Besides coconut water There are several drinks that can relieve stomach acid disease, such as:

– Prebiotic drinks

– Ginger tea

– Milk

– Water.


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