Regrets Arrogance, North Sumatra PDIP Fires Cakra Buana Task Force Cadre Hits Teenagers


Chairman of the DPD PDI Perjuangan North Sumatra Rapidin Simbolon regrets cadres PDIP’s Chakra Buana Task Force who allegedly hit and kicked a teenager, F (17), in Medan. Rapidin regrets the actions of Halpian Sembiring Meliala (45).

“We are very sorry and very disappointed with the act or judgmental act because I watched the video maybe there was CCTV, so I have seen that I am very disappointed with the actions of my subordinates who judge by not respecting the law,” said Rapidin when asked for confirmation, Saturday ( 25/12/2021).

“So yes, in principle, we are disappointed. We will take firm action later. We will first collect the information,” said Rapidin.

Rapidin said that his party had not yet decided to provide legal assistance to Halpian, who had been named a suspect. They will look at the situation first.

“This has not reached our point of view. It was an arbitrary act by the person concerned. The party will not provide legal assistance to him. But give us time to see what the problem is,” said Rapidin.

Perpetrators Fired from PDIP’s Cakra Buana Task Force

Meanwhile, in his written statement, Rapidin explicitly said that he had dismissed Halpian from his position as Secretary of the Cakra Buana Task Force of the North Sumatra PDI PDI.

“We do not in the slightest tolerate actions or actions that do not reflect the PDI-P cadres,” said Rapidin.

Rapidin has advised the Task Force not to be arrogant and must uphold the values ​​of Pancasila.

“Therefore, after hearing this viral news, the PDI-P DPD did not hesitate to take the decision to dismiss Halpian Sembiring Meliala as Secretary of the Task Force, because his actions did not reflect being a member of the PDI-P and the Task Force who uphold the values ​​of Pancasila,” said Rapidin.

Rapidin also emphasized that the actions taken by him were personal actions and had nothing to do with the party.

“For this reason, the North Sumatra PDI-P DPD emphasized that it would not intervene with the legal process that is running at the police because this is a personal action,” said Rapidin.

In the near future, Rapidin will gather the Task Force commanders. This is to conduct a basic evaluation so that incidents like this do not happen again.

“We have made a post-Christmas holiday agenda to gather the Task Force commanders to conduct a basic evaluation and improve the task force system and management so that this incident does not happen again in the future,” said Rapidin.

Meanwhile, the Commander of the North Sumatra PDI DPD Task Force, Darmawansyah Sembiring, appreciated the swift response of the Medan Police Chief and his staff in responding to and resolving this case professionally.

“We really appreciate the ongoing legal process and are waiting for the results from the police regarding this matter,” said Darmawansyah.


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