Regina Blandón explodes against a woman who attacked a couple of girls

Regina Blandón is known for being a great ally of the LGBTI+ community. She has been applauded for her great skill in using inclusive language and for accepting, including, and defending the rights of community members regardless of their sexual preferences or how they identify.

The actress reacted to a video that went viral where a woman is seen spitting on a couple of girls for kissing on the street. They were sitting quietly in a flower box and a woman came by just to attack them. The couple stands up trying to defend themselves and the woman throws a punch at them. Of course it was an unbearable act for Blandón and he showed his disagreement.

It was published by the user @Le_Dudette. This act was triggered because, he says, the girls kissed. To accompany the video he wrote: “A woman spat on and attacked two girls who kissed while waiting for an ice cream because they were a “bad influence” on her son… net? In the middle of 2022?.

Of course, the video went viral and received hundreds of comments disapproving of the aggressor’s attitude.

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Regina Blandón reacts to viral video

One of the people who shared and reacted to the video was the actress Regina Blandón. He expressed all the discontent and anger he felt when seeing the situation that the girls experienced only for being part of the LGBT+ community and having different preferences from that of the aggressor. Yes, in full 2022.

Without hesitation, he published it on his social network with a message:

“What courage. The bad influence is HER for her son. Children are not born with prejudices, adults “inherit” ours, “he wrote.

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All this act was witnessed by the son of the aggressor woman who said it was a bad influence for his innocent eyes. As Blandón mentioned, children grow up with prejudices that adults inherit from them, so her followers supported her, who also showed their disagreement and shared the video in order to try to stop these violent acts against the community.


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