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Regeni: Count, always stressed the truth to the Egypt – Political


“A little over 4 years since the barbaric murder of Giulio, Italy, its institutions, public opinion continue to give priority to the search for the truth about his death. No one should doubt, we have never stopped urging Egypt to progress in the identification of those responsible for the heinous crime. The Government has never spared any effort, and commitment to, has always been at the top in my conversations with president al Sisi”. He said the premier Giuseppe Conte to the parliamentary Commission of inquiry on the death of Giulio Regeni.

“Every one of my communications with The Sisi, it started from a simple and inevitable idea that our bilateral relations will not svillupparsi full” if you will not make the light on the “barbaric murder of Giulio Regeni, and not the will to justice his murderers,” he also said the Count.

“I said that will never be possible for a state visit, with all the honors, in Egypt, until we can make significant steps forward in this direction. I have been given the inauguration of the university of Cairo. I have always envisioned hesitation saying that as long as there will be ascertainment of the truth we will not be able pretermettere this appearance,” highlighted the premier.

“The judicial cooperation between the two powers of attorney gave signs of a certain revival after the appointment of the new prosecutor’s egyptian,” he added Conte.

Conte: ‘I saw al Sisi 6-7 times, lack of results my fault’ – “I have met 6-7 times in Sisi. Talk about looking you in the eyes and expressing all the regret vis a vis has not led to results, I have not been able. I told the family Regeni when I met her. They were disappointed of the fact that the diplomatic mission in Cairo, we got the results, I told them that if the need to take with me to that meeting at the Sisi. If there is inability to achieve results more the you can blame me directly.” He said the premier Giuseppe Conte to the parliamentary Commission of inquiry on the death of Giulio Regeni.

Sources egyptian, commitment to find the truth – Sources egyptian, although without wanting to comment on the letter on the case of Giulio Regeni sent by the minister of Foreign affairs, Luigi di Maio to the egyptian colleague Sameh Shoukry, have recalled the commitment of Cairo to find out the truth about the murder of a young researcher friulano through judicial cooperation with Italy. “There is a commitment to egypt to work to achieve the truth about the case of mr Regeni: this is a commitment that has been stated over and over again, and that the egyptian takes it seriously”, said the sources of the meander. “There is no reason to politicize this issue or to open the door to disputes”, they supported also the sources, adding: “There is a need to give adequate space to the appropriate path of the judiciary of Italy and Egypt to work and cooperate together (…) in order to arrive at the truth”. “It is not a secret that it is hoped that very soon there is a meeting between the investigators of the two parties, Italy and Egypt”, they added, with implicit reference to a conference call scheduled for the first of July. “We are confident that this cooperation will continue”, concluded the sources.



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