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RED by SFR 60 Gb vs Sosh 80 Gb : battle of promos


RED by SFR and Sosh, two mobile operators, virtual very present in the landscape of mobile telephony in French, continue their battle of promos. These two operators come in effect today with great deals at reduced rates. Packages 4G offered, providing 60 or 80 Gb of internet data, covering all of the telephony needs of today. Envelopes internet consistent with communication options are unlimited, nothing is forgotten. A developed by MonPetitForfait can help to decide between one or the other of these operators 2.0.

RED by SFR, representative of no-contract plans, applicable since its establishment rates as low as possible. Promos regular allow its offerings to always stay at the lowest. For example, the current promotion lower monthly payments to 12€ instead of 15€. Only a new subscription prior to the 22nd of June can arrive at this exclusive price. Once this fixed price to the subscription of the customer, this amount does not vary in the following years.

This package RED, you can enjoy 60 Gb in Metropolis, an envelope with the internet rather thick so. These 60 Gb just to add to 8 Gb of data for use outside France, in the DOM or the Europe Zone. If these volumes remain, however, not sufficient for the subscriber, the options can be used to make up the numbers. Add 4€ per month allows to switch 100 Gb of data for the Metropolitan area, compared to 10 Gb for the EU and the DOM.

RED by SFR 12, - €/month

Mobile plan without commitmentMobile plan without commitment

from12 €

See this offer

A second option, at€5/month, also develops the international aspect of the package RED by SFR. This option can be taken as a complement of the first, or independently. She then gives the possibility ofuse 15 Gb of internet data to the foreignbut not only in overseas or Europe. The United States, Canada, Switzerland and Andorra join the list of countries eligible for the international plans.

Continuing on the international package without a commitment to allocate the calls and SMS unlimited from France ultramarine and the european Union to these areas, as well as to the Metropolis. In france, these same options are of course also unlimited, to continental France, but also towards France across the atlantic to voice calls.

To conclude, RED by SFR also gives the key a part of his kingdom in line. 100 Gb of storage space on the Cloud SFR are now available for each user. The backup safety and on-line photos and important documents is thus simplified.

To know about the offer RED by SFR :

  • package for 12€/month without a price change ;
  • 60 Gb of data in mainland france ;
  • unlimited calls & SMS ;
  • international options available ;
  • 100 Gb of online storage space allocated ;
  • offer without commitment.
Pass a package SFR RED by SFRPass a package SFR RED by SFR

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Without commitment and Limited Series : Sosh, comes with 80 Gb of data

In the Face of RED by SFR, here’s today come to Sosh, virtual operator riding on the Orange mobile network. The young telephone operator offers regular promotional offers on their no-contract plans. The Limited Series now at the heart of the subject is displayed via a package 80 Gb for only us $ 14.99/month. No rise in price happens at the end of one year subscription. Only a subscription before July 15, 2020 shall be requested by Sosh.

This mobile offer gives you access to 80 Gb of internet data in France. Of these 80 Gb of envelope, internet, 10 Gb stand out and being available in the DOM and the EU. Unlike with RED by SFR, Sosh, inferred here these 10 Gb of the 80 Gb of data initial.

Sosh with 80 Gb of dataSosh with 80 Gb of data

Mobile plan 4GMobile plan 4G

from14.99 €

See this offer

In telephony, calls, SMS and MMS are usable in unlimited in the continental French, but only to this one. The client is not able to make free phone calls to France across the atlantic. It can, however, since the DOM and the EU, use the calls and SMS at will to these destinations and the Hexagon.

The SIM card Sosh costs then 10€, to be paid on the subscription. Once this subscription is done, the SIM card is shipped and can be used immediately. In addition to this phone card, the customer can turn to a wide selection of smartphones available on the web site Sosh. Combine a mobile plan with a smartphone rhyme usually with a reduction in exclusive and beautiful opportunities.

That means the package Sosh 80 Gb :

  • package 14.99€/month without a price change ;
  • 80 Gb of data in mainland france ;
  • 10 Gb of data in the EU and the French overseas departments.
  • unlimited calls & SMS ;
  • offer without commitment.
Sponsorship SoshSponsorship Sosh

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