Sport Red Bull official Marko proposed “Corona Camp” - Coronavirus...

Red Bull official Marko proposed “Corona Camp” – Coronavirus –


Helmut Marko with Max Verstappen

Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko made a controversial proposal to his racing team in the Corona crisis.

The 76-year-old Austrian gave the team the idea that the drivers could deliberately become infected with the virus in order to immunize themselves.

“We have four Formula 1 drivers, we have eight or ten juniors, and the idea was to host a camp where we could mentally, physically bridge this somewhat dead time,” said Marko at “ORF1 – Sport am Sonntag “. The pilots were “all young, strong men who are in really good health”, who would later have been prepared for a “probably very tough World Cup” whenever “it starts”.

Not received positively

When asked how the idea had been received, Marko replied with a smile: “It was not received positively.” Red Bull runs its own youth academy and still has a sister team in Alpha Tauri.

Extension of the season imaginable

After the cancellation of the first eight Grand Prix of this Formula 1 season, Marko does not consider an extension of the season until January to be excluded. “If we choose a world champion in January, that’s okay. We skip the test drives, the chassis stays the same, the tires stay the same, and the cost of a test is roughly comparable to a race. In this way, we would have had more Attractiveness at constant costs, “he said.



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