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Recording of the fifth Indiana Jones film with Harrison Ford starts in the summer | NOW


The recordings for the fifth Indiana Jonesfilm will start next summer. The 77-year-old lead actor Harrison Ford says in the talk show of Ellen DeGeneres to have a lot of fun making the films.

“It will be incredibly fun, those films are very witty to make,” said Ford.

The first three Indiana Jonesfilms appeared in the 1980s and form a blueprint for many contemporary action and adventure films. In the series, Ford plays the professor and archaeologist Henry Jones, who, in search of archaeological treasures, must compete against the Nazis, among others.

A fourth volume appeared in 2008, but critics were not mild about it Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crytsal Skull. In CBS Sunday Morning However, Ford informed that he is making the fifth part alone, because the audience appreciates the films so much. “I feel the responsibility to make our ambitions as great as when we started.”

It is not yet known when the film should appear in cinemas.



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