Record of tests and stability of work stoppages for 2021, according to Health Insurance

Nearly 170 million tests have been reimbursed with a volume of work stoppages “Almost stable” compared to the past year at more than 30 million.

A name “extremely high“of tests reimbursed, nearly 170 million, and a volume of work stoppages”almost stable“Compared to the year spent at more than 30 million: Health Insurance drew the first assessment on Thursday of a year 2021 still very impacted by the Covid.

The year “2021 will have been marked by an extremely high number of tests, with nearly 170 million“of tests reimbursed by Health Insurance, “for a total cost of around 6.7 billioneuros, indicated its director Thomas Fatôme during a press briefing, adding that this last figure wasstill provisional“. Several tariff adjustments have made it possible to “test more, for a slightly more limited cost to health insurance», «even if the amounts are considerablenoted Mr. Fatôme.

In December 2021, three times more tests were reimbursed than in December 2020 but for an expense “uniquely“1.7 times higher (about one billion euros), details the Health Insurance.

32.05 million work stoppages in 2021

On the side of work stoppages, the figures remainalmost stable» compared to the previous year (32.05 million in 2021 compared to 32.47 in 2020, all risks and reasons combined). But with “a very significant acceleration“volume over the last 5 weeks of 2021, where one million more work stoppages were recorded than over the same period of 2020. “We find volumes close to what we experienced during the first confinement“, indicated Thomas Fatôme.

Health Insurance does not yet have the overall cost of these stops for 2021, but it should approach that of 2020, i.e. 9.2 billion euros (compared to 8 billion in 2019). “With obviously“, noted Mr. Fatôme, “a significant weight of Covid since in the flows of work stoppages that we observe at the end of the year and at the start of 2022, almost half are linked to Covid».

This beginning of the year 2022 also rhymes with a “very significant increase“of the use of self-tests, the Health Insurance considering that we are”probably currently around 300 to 400,000 self-tests reimbursed per day».


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