Recognize the Symptoms of Diabetes in Children, Easily Hungry and Thirsty and Blackness Appears in This Section Worth Watching

SEPUTARLAMPUNG.COM – Diabetes is now a disease that can attack all ages, including childchild.

Get to know symptom and early signs diabetes on childchild. Check out the explanation below, complete with features child have high blood sugar levels.

what child You have an excessive appetite, so it’s easy to feel hungry and thirsty?

If so, then parents should check their blood sugar levels child. Because, the sign above is part of symptom diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic medical condition that causes problems with the body’s ability to convert food – especially sugar (carbohydrates) – into fuel for the body.

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Head of the IDAI Endocrinology Coordination Work Unit (UKK) Dr Muhammad Faizi, SpA(K) in a webinar said that there are four forms of diabetes.

Two of them are most commonly known by the public, namely: diabetes type 1 and type 2. Both forms diabetes this can happen at any age including childchild.

In addition to excessive appetite and frequent feelings of hunger and thirst, there are also other signs that are characteristic child experience high sugar levels, which appear blackish scars resembling climbs on the nape, neck, armpits and elbows.


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