Recognize the Symptoms of a Heart Attack, Cold Sweats, Shortness of breath, and palpitations – Trends in non-communicable diseases such as heart attacks began to shift to a young age. The symptoms are quite typical and should be detected earlier.

In a webinar entitled ‘Early Detection of Heart Disease: Is It Possible?’ it was revealed that during the pandemic, the average rate of in-hospital mortality from heart attacks was reported to have increased by 23 percent. In fact, 16.3 percent of patients treated in the Covid-19 isolation room turned out to have congenital cardiovascular disease.

“A passive lifestyle during the pandemic is suspected to be one of the triggers,” said Director, Country Manager Diagnostics, Roche Indonesia, Ahmed Hassan online, Thursday (11/18).

How to detect it?

Heart and Blood Vessel Specialist Siloam Hospitals Lippo Village, DR. dr. Antonia Anna Lukito, Sp.JP(K), FIHA, FAPSIC, FAsCC, FSCAI explained that heart disease has caused at least 15 out of 1,000 people in Indonesia to suffer from cardiovascular disease in 2018. Symptoms of heart disease are often not realized by sufferers. Especially if the patient is young and productive.

Symptoms include shortness of breath accompanied by cold sweats, weakness, palpitations, or left chest pain. If you experience these symptoms, it most likely indicates symptoms of heart disease that need to be detected and treated early.

Editor: Nurul Adriyana Salbiah

Reporter: Marieska Harya Virdhani


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