News Real Madrid - Mallorca: Elevens Possible Day 31 Biwenger...

Real Madrid – Mallorca: Elevens Possible Day 31 Biwenger and Comunio


Interesting match where the local need the victory to be leaders and visitors to get out of the downturn. Clear favorite with the group led by Zidane, you can’t afford to let your guard down due to the needs of the island. We analyze the key and the players recommended by the Real Madrid – Mallorca for Biwenger, Comunio, Futmondo and Mister.

Real Madrid

Keys to alignment: After reaching the leadership in San Sebastian, Zidane will be forced to make changes in the eleven. Casemiro it is a low penalty and Sergio Ramos went touched in the last meeting. So, Militao pointing to the eleven. Hazard might come back and between Vinícius and Rodrygo is the other square of the eleven.

In the form: Benzema. The French striker is indispensable for Zidane and his good performances make it even more indispensable. One of the players more confident in fantasy Madrid.

Bet: Hazard. After having a rest before the Real, all indications are that the belgian will start to lead the white attack.

High risk: Militao. We believe that will occupy the plaza and Sergio Ramos, while this part is the least fixed of the eleven and of more doubtful performance fantasy.

Real Mallorca

Keys to alignment: The disappointing draw against the Leganés requires the vermilion to score points in Valdebebas. With the return of Raíllothe big question will be the inclusion or not of Sedlar in the eleven holder. Will depend on the formation chosen by Vicente Moreno. Except Kubo and Babaany of the attackers could be sacrificed for the entry of the Serbian in a defense of three central. There could be more rotations if it prioritizes the duel against the Athletic of the next day.

In the form: Valjent. The Slovak was imperial at the last meeting. The box of the balearic islands will depend on his leadership to clear the danger from the centers of Real Madrid.

Bet: Manolo Reina. Despite the bad results, the malaga is appearing with stops providential. You may have a lot of work with the merengues.

High risk: Cucho. Although it is not having bad performances, is making no merits to be irreplaceable. Faced with the possibility of a 5-3-2, is among those susceptible to the bench.


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