Ready to Send Astronauts to the Moon, NASA Intensively Develops SLS Megarockets

Tribunnews Reporter, Namira Yunia Lestanti

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – United States Aeronautics and Space Administration or as it is known NASA, this year is preparing megaroket Space Launch System (SLS).

Megarockets or giant rockets will later be used to send astronauts to the moon.

Quoted from Space, so far NASA has shown progress in building megarockets on elements such as cone-shaped launch vehicle adapters for Artemis 2 and 3.

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Artemis is ‘s manned lunar exploration program NASA. later megaroket for the Artemis mission, which launches in 2024, will land astronauts on the lunar surface sometime in 2025.

“The team not only built one space launch system rocket, but built several rockets for future SLS exploration and flight missions, beyond the initial launch of Artemis,” said John Honeycutt, SLS Program Manager at the Marshall Space Flight Center. NASA in Alabama.

Honeycutt added that Artemis 1 is the first launch in a series of increasingly complex missions that will expand the human presence on the moon.

Moreover, the power and capability of the SLS rocket is unprecedented, so it is hoped that it can send missions farther and faster throughout the solar system.

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So far the Artemis 2 Engine is ready to be integrated with the SLS core stage at the Michoud . Assembly Facility NASA in New Orleans. Meanwhile the Artemis 3 engine is in preparation for the Aeroject Rocketdyne facility at the Stennis Space Center NASA of Mississippi.

Project targeted NASA This time it will be completed in 2024. However, due to funding and technical issues such as spacesuits to federal lawsuits, this will slightly disrupt the settlement process megaroket this.

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