Razman’s ultimatum for Hotman Paris


Richard Lee recently uploaded his meeting with Hotman Paris on Instagram. This made Razman Arif Nasution, as the doctor’s former attorney, furious.

Razman Arif Nasution suspected that Richard Lee had turned to Hotman Paris. When confirmed to Hotman Paris, he admitted that he was just doing business with Richard Lee.

“I swear to God I have nothing to do with the case, I want a skincare business,” said Razman Arif Nasution, imitating Hotman Paris’ words, during a press conference in the Jagakarta area, South Jakarta, Saturday (22/1/2022).

If Hotman Paris really wanted to join, Richard Lee should have told Razman Arif Nasution. But he didn’t do it as if he didn’t have ethics.

“This means that Bang Hotman understands that there is something unfinished between Richard and me. There are several powers that have broken off, they must be compensated. If you want to build a partnership, there are several powers that have been cut off, please let me know,” said Razman Arif Nasution.

“That’s why I suspect the sentence was framed as a pretext for help,” he continued.

It is known that currently Razman Arif Nasution can still be called Richard Lee’s lawyer. Although it has been decided unilaterally, but the doctor still has not paid the payment to Razman.

This also makes Razman Arif Nasution threaten Hotman Paris. He emphasized that he would be willing to go to war with the lawyer if he really made legal assistance to Richard Lee.

“I believe what Bang Hotman said, but if Bang Hotman is found tomorrow giving legal assistance, I’m not afraid of going to war with Hotman Paris Hutapea,” said Razman Arif Nasution.

As is known, Razman Arif Nasution is Richard Lee’s attorney. She was contracted for 10 years to become a lawyer for her beauty business, which was named Athena.

Apart from that, Razman Arif Nasution also dealt with Richard Lee’s case against Kartika Putri. He also holds Richard Lee’s illegal access case.

But suddenly Razman Arif Nasution was cut off unilaterally by Richard Lee. He is considered an unreliable lawyer because it is suspected that he could not release him from the suspension of detention when he was detained by the police in the case of illegal access.

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