Razer sacrifices RGB with ultralight Viper V2 Pro

Among the trends of recent years for game-oriented mice are two strong themes – wireless and low weight. The accessory manufacturer Razer is no stranger to the concept, using the Orochi V2 and the Viper family’s mice as examples. That theme is also associated with the latest addition Viper V2 Pro which weighs in at only 58 grams.

In addition to the low weight, the mouse is also equipped with Razer’s new sensor, the Optical Focus Pro 30K. The sensor has a sensitivity of 30,000 DPI and, according to Razer, must handle all possible surfaces, including glass. The player is wireless with a battery life that should be enough for approximately 80 hours of play. To connect the mouse, it is Razer’s Hyperspeed technology that applies, which means an associated USB dongle. Bluetooth is not available and charging is done using a piece of USB Type-C cable.

To lose weight, it is instead compromised on the button front, where, among other things, the right side buttons that the predecessor has are completely omitted. The same applies to the previously rubberized sides, which can be compensated with the help of the included grip tape. For the sake of rarity, Razer also relinquishes the colorful lighting that otherwise characterizes the company’s products. The lack of Chroma RGB is probably also there in order to save a few grams in weight.

Razer Viper V2 Pro is available in the colors black or white, with associated tape in black. The price at Swedish retailers is SEK 1,699.

Do you prefer ultralight mice or do you want some weight in your pointing device?

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