World Rampaging young men did on the weekend, million of...

Rampaging young men did on the weekend, million of damage in Stuttgart


The rampage by hundreds of young people in the southern German city of Stuttgart and have caused, according to the police Vice President, Thomas Berger, a damage in the millions.

Berger said in an Interview with the journalist Gabor Steingart on Monday from a six – to seven-digit amount. Several Hundred young men were damaged in the night of Sunday in small groups, 40 shops, and partly looted. Twelve strip of demolished cars. 19 police officers suffered as a result of “total enthemmter violence” injuries, one of them broke his wrist, as Berger explained.

Drug control as a trigger

Trigger the drug-control of a 17-Year-old, with several Hundred people showed solidarity was. The police was notified on Sunday, 24 people had been arrested, including twelve German and twelve Non-German.

To the possible reasons behind Berger several clues: The perpetrators would want to be in social media, striking a Pose and chanted: “Finally, what is going on in Stuttgart”. In addition, the Corona would have led to constraints that young people were increasingly in the public space. This group respond to normal police targeting very aggressively.

Finally, the accusations of Racism levelled against US would have led police to resentment in this country. To the mood of the police, Berger said: “There is a great lack of understanding in the workforce, why are there parts of the company that do this to us.”


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