Rakič’s knee did not bear the weight of the match and Blachowicz won the TKO. “My body was harder today,” said the former champion

The main match of the UFC Vegas 54 tournament, in which a decision was made on the probable future challenger between Jan Blachowicz a Alexander Rakovich he started from both sides very aggressively. Crab focused on calfkicks, which when they landed, hurt across the screen, but Blachowicz he didn’t seem to bother him, and he gave Rakic ​​the same, perhaps harder, medicine. At one point, Rakič hit a good apple, which opened the Polish warrior under his eye, and Blachowicz began to bleed a little. However, the former champion did not panic and hit the Serbian fighter with a good right hook.

The match continued at a high pace and neither fighter tried too hard to tact, instead they both wanted to prove which of them would last longer and who could hit harder. This was outlined by Blachowicz, who, after a good combination, stretched his left hook and hit Rakič on the jaw, which the Serbian fighter definitely felt. Just a moment later, Blachowicz’s left hook rejoined, this time from the nail, the same way he had ended Luke Rockhold in the past. Crab however, he stopped the blow, even though she was swaying with it. After all, the very tight first round was in favor of the Polish fighter.

In the second round, both fighters dug up again for a while, but after a while the Serbian “Rocket” decided to takedown. He took Janek’s single leg and sent him to the ground in an exemplary manner. There, Blachowicz managed to lock the triangle choke, but Rakič got over it and tried to hit the guards. He did well occasionally, but he did not allow Jan to stand for a long time, which the Polish fighter did not succeed until the end of the second part, and this round went to Rakič.

The Serbian fighter already had his left calf dug properly and a large bulge had formed on it. Even so, he did not hesitate to go to hard exchanges even in the third round. Unfortunately, something happened to him and to all the fans that no one expected.

Blachowicz He drove him into retreat and when he did Crab he counterattacked, his right knee loosening, and the Serbian warrior jumped to the ground in pain. Blachowicz jumped on him with the intention of “ending his suffering,” but instead looked at the referee, who ended the match quickly.


In slow motion, Rakic’s knee moved back and forth, indicating that the cruciate ligament had ruptured and the Serbian fighter was unlikely to look back into combat in the near future and would have to have surgery.

Of course, Blachowicz was sorry that the match ended so uncomfortably, but he was still happy for the important victory: “Of course, I’m a fighter, I’m a warrior, it’s always better if you win purely on TKO or KO or on a submission. But my body was harder today, so that’s the end of the story. I was ready for the third, fourth or even fifth round. He was not.”

Janka’s last performance against champion Teixeir was very unsuccessful and the Polish strongman was then criticized for not having the necessary enthusiasm for combat. But according to Blachowicz, he is back: “This match gave me the answer to what I wanted to know – whether I would feel the same as before I fought Glover, like when I fought Israel or Dominickem Reyesem. And I’m happy for that, because I’m going to the octagon to do my job and show a good match, but also to enjoy it. And now I enjoyed it. “

The champion himself Teixeira wrote on Twitter before the match that if Jan wins, they will retaliate: “Let’s do it Jane Blachowicz. Win tonight… and I will win on June 11… and then we will give it away again. ” The Polish warrior heard this and hopes that Glover will defeat Jiří Procházka in a month so that he can repair his reputation against Teixeira.

“I hope the UFC will give me another title chance to be next in line. I was number one, Rakic ​​was number three – it is clear to me that I am the number one challenger, ” clarified the situation in the semi-heavyweight former Polish champion.

You can see exactly what happened to Rakič’s knee in this video:

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