Technology Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Steel Wave started

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Steel Wave started


Surgical Steel Wave, the second Season of Year 5 inRainbow Six Siegeis on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One available. With the new Operator Ace and Melusi are. The new attacker is coming from Norway and the defender from South Africa. In addition, the Season includes the Update for the main game, a: a revision of the map “house”.

Owner of the Year-5-passport can play the new Operator is immediately compensated for, while all the other players from the 23. June with View or R 6 Credits free can switch. Additional innovations, such as the processing of the House card, are for all players accessible. Year 5, Season 2 will receive its own Battle Pass (Tour de Force) on the 29th. June.

Latest Video: Steel Wave – 101 Trailer

In Operation, the Steel Wave, players will meet two new Operator:

  • “The Norwegian attacker Ace is equipped with the S. E. L. M. A., a werfbaren Gadget, which remains to any vertical Surface and also in the case of strengthened Walls slowly up to three small charges successively zndet. The S. E. L. M. A.-the Gadget can be thrown on almost every defensive siege, and to destroy it with his explosives, arms, or the water of explosives.
  • The South Africa niche defender Melusi is reinforced with Banshees electronic Gadgets that each of the attackers to slow down, the is located in the immediate surroundings and line-of-sight. A Banshee can also be used for the procurement of information, as there is a recognizable odour of themselves, once an attacker is in the effect radius. “

Besides, it was processed the card “House”. The house owners have vergrert your family and the floor plan of the house and with a big two stckigen cultivation of new destinations and the entry points for player created. Surgical Steel Wave a is in the lead in addition, a new defender gadget: the approach alarm. This werfbare and detention at the end of the Gadget, the gathering of information is important for fr, because it defender makes loudly at the attacker carefully in the line of sight to the Gadget.

Additional updates include:

  • Single MMR
  • Amaru Buff
  • Elite-Set fr Echo



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