Rainbow Six Extraction is now available on Xbox Game Pass!

A deadly, mutating parasite threatens humanity. Now it’s up to you (and even two friends) to tackle it in the new shooter tactical co-op, Rainbow Six Extraction. Available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, Xbox Game Pass, and PC Game Pass. Witness the launch of Extraction with cross-play, save, and progress, making it easy to find allies in your fight against the Archeans. Find it in the Microsoft Store (Argentina, Chile, Colombia Y Mexico).

Playing with your friends will be of great help! The powerful variety of enemy archetypes will demand smart planning and precise shooting. Plus, changing targets and mutations will make each run an unpredictable challenge. Complete your first mission and choose between breaking up your team to deposit your XP and progress, or continuing on to the next objective and risking it all for greater rewards. Progression will allow you to unlock new REACT tech gadgets, like the field wall that blocks projectiles or the glue grenade that will slow down the enemy, as well as new customization items on cosmetic items and new weapons for your team. Although perhaps the most impactful updates are those of your Operators.

In addition, Rainbow Six Extraction presents a select list of operators of Rainbow Six Siege who have been recruited to deal with this crisis. Sledge, Hibana, Finka, Vigil, Tachanka, Ela, and others have a unique progression path that will grant them enhanced attributes, new abilities, and gadgets to make them more effective on the field. However, when moving towards the next objective, you should keep in mind that if an Operator goes down and no teammate can extract it, they will be out of action or MIA. After that, you’ll have a chance to re-enter that area of ​​the map to save them, after which, you’ll be back on your list with a significant XP loss. Pay close attention where you step, because the dangers and risks are real!


Now, I think it’s a good idea to lighten the mood a bit with a fun bonus, if you have Rainbow Six Siege (or you play on Game Pass) and buy Rainbow Six Extraction (or play on Game Pass), you’ll receive the United Front Pack, which includes four exclusive Gearsets split between the two games, and unlock all 18 Operators featured in Extraction to use them in Rainbow Six Siege!

Now back on topic, this game can be quite a challenge, so we’re sure you’ll want to find friends who have your back. With the Buddy Pass (available after launch), you can invite two friends who don’t own the game to join your squad for free for two weeks! Prepare to face what follows!


So don’t waste any more time and download Rainbow Six Extraction, recruit a couple of friends and do your best to save the world! Find it in the Microsoft Store (Argentina, Chile, Colombia Y Mexico).

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