Rahul Gandhi’s sea drama; Fishermen not to be insulted | Kerala | Deshabhimani

Fishermen in Kollam say that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi staged a drama at sea. R Robin, a native of Muthakkara, said that Rahul had insulted them as a traditional fisherman by coming as a tourist.

‘He proved to be a good actor. But it was like a slap in the face to the fishermen. At six in the morning, he went out to sea in a boat with the fishermen and returned in two and a half hours. You have to cross kilometers to secure the net. The journey to the sea alone takes about two hours. It will take at least four hours to get there, ”said Robin.

According to the fishermen, the contract was for a sea contract of Rs 30,000. As we were leaving the shore, there were fish in the boat. If there was any sincerity he should have been prepared to see firsthand the suffering of the fisherman. Ordinary workers jump into the water to keep the fish out of the hot net, which is 9mm in size. “Rahul is making fun of the workers who say he jumped into the sea when he could not get any fish,” said Biju Sebastian, a fisherman who has been living in the backyard of Wadi Kallel for 30 years.

Elections will come and go. Do not distort the truth. In five years, there will be nothing left for the benefit of the fishermen from one government. However, Biju asked why this drama.

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