Sport Rafael Marquez invests in a football club of Costa...

Rafael Marquez invests in a football club of Costa Rica


Rafael Marquez remains near the football; despite the fact that the mythical exdefensor of the Mexican national team and the FC Barcelona already has a couple of years in retirement, the ‘Kaiser’ does not stop working in his beloved sport, for now the mexican took the decision to invest in a team of Costa Rica known as Youth Escazuceña, joining even a group of employers that includes the exatacante of Liverpool, Luis Garcia.

The general manager of the mentioned team, Bertony Ronbinson, was in charge of presenting this information to ESPN, and he highlighted the participation of tapatio next to the shareholders ‘ meeting spaniards that make up the project.

“Yes, it is true, Rafa Marquez is a member of the owner group of Escazuceñawhere logically you have interference between the people who make decisions, are a group of ten people, are outstanding day-to-day of what goes on here,” he said.

“The head of the club is a group of shareholders spaniards with Mexicowe have very important people in regards to international football, in addition, also in marketing and the action of business, entrepreneurs are very important in Spain, including Luis García, ex-soccer player of the Selection of Spain,” he said.

You are about to play the final of the second division

Because investors can’t be in Costa Rica constantly, Adolfo Hernández and Bertony Robinson, are responsible for representing them in the central american nation, although the athletic director ensures that they already familiar with the campus, as the stadium where they play.

“Now that we are disputing these instances the end, they are very attentive, and just to finish the competition we will have a visit, regardless of what happens, at the beginning of the season were by here, saw the stadium, campus, they are bound for Central america, and before the pandemic by COVID-19 had plans to come soon to the country.”

It is worth-mentioning that the team is scheduled to play the final of the ascent on Tuesday, June 23, when measured again at Sporting FC. The score at the time 1-1.

Youth Escazuceña wants Marquez to be the main face of the project

“He (Marquez) wants to come to Costa Rica soon, it is more there was the invitation to be in the country with the inauguration of the new stadium Nicolas Masís, was remodeled, we talked with the mayor of the municipality. One of the intentions was that Rafa was as head of the project, but with the borders closed is impossible”, ended.


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