Radostin Vassilev from ITN: Everyone outside GERB and MRF are our potential partners, but “We continue the change” is an enigma

In Sofia, two of the list leaders remain the same, the third is a popular person

The main figures of the party remain leaders on the lists for the parliamentary elections, as well as the main experts, the changes are minimal, said Radostin Vassilev from Ima such a people on BTV. In Sofia, two of the three leaders from the previous elections are the same, the third is a popular person. Mika Zaykova will be on the lists, and with Slavi Trifonov there is no change in the position that his place is not in the parliament, it became clear from Vassilev’s words.

Who would you participate in cabinet talks with? We have explained the red lines that we will not cross. Everyone outside GERB and MRF is a possible partner. The dialogue this time should be at a higher level, Vassilev said.

We need to see the “We continue to change” program, because at the moment this project is an absolute enigma, unclear. For “Stand up! We are coming”, I deeply doubt that they will participate in the next parliament, Vassilev said.

Regarding what Vassilev wrote on Facebook that Kiril Petkov had signed a declaration with false content and that this was a crime punishable under Article 313 of the Penal Code, Vassilev himself said: I criticize his unwillingness to tell us the truth does not mean that for ITN and for me PP is a project that is not a possible coalition partner. When we talk about integrity, we have to be honest from beginning to end. “

Vassilev made a comparison with Petar Iliev. “He probably committed plagiarism, which is much harder to prove. If Kiril Petkov was a Canadian citizen at the time he was a minister and signed a declaration stating that he was not one, his political destiny should not be different from that of Petar Iliev.. Iliev is currently a marginalized image, hated for no reason at all. “Asked whether Petar Iliev continues to work with ITN, Vassilev replied:” If Petar Iliev is invited, I am sure he will work with the party. “

Let’s see the ruling of the Constitutional Court, there may be a big surprise, he added.

“I am looking forward to the request from Tatiana Doncheva so that she can face the even more unpleasant truth for her,” Vassilev said. “Tatiana Doncheva was sketching some things, she wrote Iva on a piece of paper, she wrote 500 K, various triangles, arrows,” Vassilev said, adding that he did not say that she had offered him a deal. “She persuaded me to do so, if I could, to persuade our MPs to vote against the party’s desire not to support a possible cabinet.”

Regarding Asen Vassilev’s lawsuit against Toshko Yordanov, Radostin Vassilev said “the claim has been received, talks are possible regarding it. We have normal communication relations with Asen Vassilev “.


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