Quirinale, who are the big voters and how the regional delegates are chosen

Today is the day of the start of the process that will lead to the election of the next President of the Republic. Waiting for the President of the Chamber, Roberto I am, communicate the date for the convocation of the Parliament in joint session for the first vote, the Regions are preparing to appoint the delegates who will be part of the 1009 great electors who will choose the Head of State. A number made up of 321 senators, 630 deputies and, in fact, 58 regional delegates: three for each region, excluding Valle d’Aosta which has only one delegate.

But how are the components chosen? Who appoints them? Here are some details to better understand the entire process and the various steps.

The letter

Today President Fico will send the parliamentarians the letter with which the Chamber and Senate will be convened in joint session for the first vote for the election of the new President of the Republic. The probable date could be January 24 or 25.

The regions

Article 83 of the Constitution establishes the rules for the composition of the electoral college which will decide on the appointment of the Head of State. In this college, made up of the great electors, also the delegates of the Regions belong. Therefore, when the date of the first vote is announced, the presidents of each regional council will have to convene one or more sessions to convene the three delegates.

And delegates

The practice dictates that the regional delegations of the major electors are made up, for each Region, of the governor and a member of the majority indicated by him, as well as an opposition member. Therefore, in the choice of names, the role and weight of the allies are also fundamental.

Draghi al Colle: yes, no, maybe. The moves of the ministers as divided as their parties

by Giovanna Vitale

The mayors

At the beginning of November, the president of Anci (and mayor of Bari) Andrea Decaro he asked the presidents of the regions “an act of attention and institutional courage”, appointing the mayors from among the delegates who will sit among the great electors. A proposal also supported by the governor of Emilia Romagna, the dem Stefano Bonaccini, that he said he was ready to leave his place in the delegation to a first citizen of the territory. At the moment, however, no position has yet been taken and only in the next few days will it be possible to ascertain whether the various presidents of the regions will accept Decaro’s proposal.


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