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Q and C .. Is it possible to be infected with Corona virus while walking on the street?


Many sayings spread daily through social media about coronavirus, methods of spread and infection, and during this report we will know whether walking on the street increases the chances of infection or not with coronavirus, according to the Daily Mail ..

Is it possible to be infected with Corona virus while walking on the street?

Yes, coronavirus transmission is easy between people when approaching each other, and Dr. Jeremy Rossman, lecturer in virology at the University of Kent, explained that we get coronavirus through respiratory droplets, i.e. small particles produced from the infected person when coughing, if you sit Next to an infected person, you will breathe in many of these drops, or if you touch any surfaces that carry the virus, this means that you will become infected quickly.

What should a person do while on the street to protect against the Corona virus?

In the case of going outside and walking on the street, you must leave a distance of no less than two meters between the person in front of you and the other behind you, to reduce gathering and friction.

What should you do once you return home to protect from coronavirus infection?

There are many tips that are recommended to do in order to avoid coronavirus infection, including:

– Once you return home, you must wash your hands well in the recommended way, which is 20 seconds with soap and water.

Bathing in warm water is preferred to kill any viruses that can be present on the body.

Increase intake of warm fluids, which also strengthen the immune system.

Place the clothes you were wearing for washing.



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