Putin: Don’t worry, everything is fine, they are testing me

Vladimir Putin PHOTO: Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was spotted coughing during a live televised government meeting, assured officials that it was good and that KOVID-19 was being tested virtually every day, Reuters reported.

“Don’t worry, everything is fine. They test me practically every day not only for KOVID-19, but also for any other infections, so everything is fine,” the Kremlin boss replied when Valentina Matvienko, chairwoman of the upper house of parliament , expressed concern for his health.

Putin, who turned 69 last week, held the meeting from his office in a virtual format. He attributed the cough to the low air temperature and took the opportunity to urge his colleagues to get vaccinated completely.

The daily number of KOVID-19 deaths in Russia is approaching record levels. Last month, Putin was forced to isolate himself after people in the entourage gave him a positive test for the coronavirus, but then the Kremlin said he was “completely healthy.”


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