Puebla 1-1 America | SUMMARY VIDEO

Closure 2022

The Cuauhtémoc Stadium was the venue for the meeting between those led by Larcamón and those led by Solari to open the Grita México

Puebla vs. America, a duel that could have given more spectacle.
© Imago7Puebla vs. America, a duel that could have given more spectacle.

Puebla vs. America opened Day 1 of the Clausura 2022 like the duel that promised more than all. There were ingredients that presaged an all-out battle between the surprise squad of recent years and the yellow giant forced to always put on a good show.


The Cuauhtemoc Stadium opened its doors to host this battle that resulted in an entertaining show for the grandstand; the visitors went to the front with the fastest goal in the history of America.

With only 10 seconds left on the stopwatch, Salvador Reyes finished off a long ball from Jordan Silva to make his debut in the nets and send a message to Tata Martino, asking for another opportunity in the Mexican National Team.


However, then came the Santiago Solari show, who was expelled for putting together a scene worthy of the worst moments of Piojo Herrera, a situation that took its toll on the America and was combined with another red card, now for Roger Martínez, leaving the Águilas condemned to defend themselves for the rest of the game.

Thus, Puebla launched with everything to the front and thanks to a Maximiliano Araujo’s powerful shot, in the face of Ochoa, equalized the score 1-1.

The second half was dominated by Puebla, although with a couple of dangerous American arrivals by Mauro Lainez and Pedro Aquino.

After the match, America had a week off, as their duel against Mazatlan was postponed, which gave them time to organize a friendly against Atlante and prepare for the Matchday 3 duel against the current monarch: the Red and Black of the Atlas.

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