Public Health reiterates that as of January 31, the card with three doses of vaccine will be required

The Ministry of Public Health reiterates that as of the 31st of this month, all those over 18 years of age will have to have completed the three-dose schedule of vaccines against the coronavirus to enter closed spaces and board public transport.

Luis Manuel Tolentino, legal director of the Ministry of Public Health, insisted that this measure is contained in resolution 000069 and will be applied throughout the country.

He indicated that only people who recently tested positive and who must present a positive Covid test will be able to show a card with two doses.

It recommends that after a month of testing positive, people can be inoculated with the third dose of the vaccine.

He said that 70% of the population has not taken the third dose and urged to complete the scheme. He argued that the authorities recognize the vaccines that were given abroad.

The official indicated that the ideal is that if a person was vaccinated with two doses of Sivac, the third would be Pfizer and vice versa.


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