Sport PSV eindhoven makes a deal of one million euros...

PSV eindhoven makes a deal of one million euros to the world: “In this time of great’


“That’s great news for PSV: the contract with the the one of the main sponsors of the club, is to be extended. This is attested to the commercial director Frans Janssen of the Eindhoven daily Newspaper.

In the former situation would be a PSV player, and until the summer of 2021, at the back of the PSV eindhoven football shirt and stand. The co-operation like and, according to the Local Newspaper, as well, that is, the Dutch company has decided to have a year to fix it.

“In this time of good news,” said Thompson. “We’ll have to as a reliable partner, who will be there through the publieksacties manage a good relationship with our supporters to build on. If you are then this is the form that can be found in a very difficult period for everyone, do it as a club are very happy with it.”

The PSV will be a new memorandum of understanding on Friday to the world to make. Between 2016 and 2019, was all of the main sponsor, the city of Eindhoven, which is the successor of Philip, that the 33-year-shirtponsor the very beginning. The new deal is reported to be one million euros per season and you can be involved.



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