PS rejects statements by deputy Jenny Álvarez about vaccines: “We think it is serious that you insist on behavior that can have consequences for public health and people”

On Monday, January 17, the deputy of the Socialist Party, Jenny Alvarez -who does not have his complete vaccination schedule-, notified the Lower House table that he had tested positive for Covid-19. The news alarmed members of Congress, but particularly their community.

The foregoing, since on Wednesday of the week prior to her diagnosis, deputy Álvarez had participated in a lunch between the group of deputies of the PS and the senator and president of the party, Álvaro Elizalde, for which all the diners had to comply quarantine for qualifying as possible close contacts.

One day after what happened, on January 18, the party issued a statement referring to the situation, in which, along with wishing her a speedy recovery, they declared that as a community they did not share the deputy’s decision not to complete her vaccination.

The socialist parliamentarian had not referred to her contagion until this week, in which she has delivered a series of statements to different media.

Today, in fact, in an interview with Las Últimas Noticias, Álvarez addressed his choice not to get vaccinated against Covid-19 and the criticism that this decision has provoked. “I am provaccine, I am not against vaccines”, He commented about it.

“But vaccines prevent diseases and prevent infections and eradicate diseases, but it turns out that People are tired of the fact that we have had three doses and that we continue to get infected and people continue to die. In addition, there are adverse effects in high-risk people. This misnamed vaccine is acting as a preventative treatment. Maybe it prevents you from dying and prevents you from reaching the hospital in serious condition, but there are other treatments more”, he added.

“People who have contracted the virus acquire immunity. It is something proven. I already have immunity to being infected”, he added.

Ideas that he reinforced this same day in an interview with the morning Tu Día on Tele13, where he insisted that “whenever one needs an effective vaccine, one gets it, I have never had a problem with that and because they are vaccines that are reliable”, but he assured that this does not currently happen with the doses against Covid-19. “I personally and many people in Chile and in the world, do not trust this vaccine”, he added.

Faced with the deputy’s statements, the PS once again stepped forward. Through a statement released this day and signed by the board of directors, they assured that as a community “We reiterate our commitment to the vaccination process that is carried out in the country” and they made a call “to the entire population to be vaccinated in authorized centers.”

“It has been shown that completing the inoculation against Covid-19 has fulfilled its objective: decrease the severity of the disease Y prevent deaths”, they added.

In that sense, in the letter they also pointed out that “the recent statements of the parliamentarian of our caucus (Jenny Álvarez) are strictly personal Y they do not represent, in any sense, the thought and conduct of the Socialist Party which has always promoted science as an instrument for the benefit and protection of human beings”.

“It seems serious to us that the deputy insist on behavior that can have serious consequences for public health and people, who are to whom we owe ourselves”, they wrote, arguing that all public authorities -especially popular representatives- maintain a greater personal responsibility and they must be “examples of conduct” during the health crisis.

“As a Socialist Party we call on all our leaders to become active promoters of the vaccination process and thus comply with the principles of public servants that encourage all socialists,” they concluded.

The statements of the socialist deputy are also part of a week in which Chile has beaten by three consecutive days his record of daily infections. This Friday, the Ministry of Health (Minsal) reported 26.727 new cases, the highest number since the pandemic began in March 2020.

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