Proximus will oblige first DSL customers to switch to more expensive fiber – IT Pro – News

Must have been purely a business decision as in “Telenet can’t offer it, so we don’t have to offer it”. The duopoly in Belgium is very annoying (Proximus for fiber/vdsl, Telenet for cable, providers like Orange use the same cable/vdsl so they can’t compete properly).

Proximus is also getting worse and worse on their helpdesk.
There were problems with a bbox at a customer. After several times explicitly saying that they are not allowed to factory reset it just like that, someone has done this after all. Fortunately, the customer does not live far from a technician, so we already have a 4G solution (because of old equipment that is fixed as a fixed ip on the standard range of Proximus, we had to use the same subnet on our router, because there is no longer any support for that device and customer did not want to incur additional costs if it was not necessary, “only” for a new network).

This week we called 5 times to be able to set a Bbox modem/router back as a bridge so that the router/firewall can log in with PPPoE afterwards. The password for the PPPoE was changed with the reset or in any case no longer worked, even if we try to change the password ourselves in the bbox.

The customer is an “office & go customer” which “gets priority”, which can be heard when you dial in to the business number at Proximus.
3 out of 5 times they always say you are on the wrong service, you are forwarded to someone else who says you are wrong and then you end up being thrown into a queue, where nobody picks up (call then becomes 30~ run for minutes). And that at various times/days of the week. Each call lasted at least 30 minutes, of which there may have been 80%+ music on hold (which is also not smooth, sometimes 5 different pieces of music in one minute..)

Another time you get someone on the phone who either immediately admits they don’t know anything about it (uh, “what’s a firewall, sir?”) and then just leaves you on muted waiting for 20 minutes that he himself is still using it. waiting, after which the line just suddenly breaks and you can start again..

and the last time you have a bungler on the line who is supposedly doing everything and then finally saying, “it’s reset, I can’t do anything now, we have to wait at least an hour, I’ll call you back”. .. -> of course no one called back and that person may have just had his moment for lunch break..

Then just change the temporary solution with a double nat setup and subnet of the bbox.

No, we are going to convince that customer on Monday to switch to a data line from, for example, Destiny with 4G backup (incl. wan ip preservation) and a 4u SLA for not even a high price as a company.

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