Health Protocol: specify the health care providers, and young people...

Protocol: specify the health care providers, and young people are a priority when there is extreme pressure on the IC


With an extreme shortage of ICU beds should be well aged, and other non-medical reasons as a factor in the question of who is entitled to a place in the intensive care unit. It could be that people who are engaged in care take precedence over all others. There is a new protocol in place, drawn up in the event that there is ever such a black scenario in the Netherlands is created, and there are difficult decisions about life and death need to be addressed. At the beginning of the coronacrisis was at the last stage of the doctors ‘code black’ called, suddenly, on the horizon, and when the maximum number of ICU beds was almost reached.

The protocol is a politically sensitive issue. In the Second Room of requirements, one of the parties that the age of never have a role to play in the question of who should have access to the SYSTEM. In a Tuesday, the guided writing, the minister responsible for the Medical Care of Martin van Rijn, and that he was in the passage about the age of the ” protocol “does not support”.

The reaction of the government will which is a difficult task for the drafters of the protocol were in place. It was co-written by five professors in the instruction of artsenfederatie KNMG and the Federation of Medical Specialists (RMS). During the first wave of coronabesmettingen this spring, an increase in the number Covid patients in the ICU, so quickly, that the doctors, for serious moral questions were to be asked. What do you do when there is only one ICU bed for two or more patients have the same chance of survival?

The medical organisations have asked that the ethics experts to help in the drawing up of a protocol, which shall enter into force as doctors should be forced to have such a non-medical grounds for you to select from. “These types of terrible choices, you are not only getting the doctors to leave, but you have to try, as a society, collectively, to contribute,” says professor of philosophy and Marcel Verweij from the netherlands (University of Wageningen). Dick Willems, professor of medical ethics at the University of Amsterdam, said: “You have to make the choice not to include the IC, that the treatment would help. It remains for health care professionals, patients, and family, something terrible.”

Not a priority for the Covid patient

Where you are in the care of normal, the patient can be helped, it goes to the black scenario, in order to save a lot of lives. The ethicists believe that there is a second coronagolf, no distinction is allowed between the Covid is a non – Covid-patients. “Due to the delay in care, the crisis in the sense that the Covid patients have been pulled around,” says the professor of the regulatory aspects of the medical field, Jennifer de Vries (University of Leiden). “That fear that we have is that the principle of equality is very clear.” This means that a person who is in a car accident just as much of a chance to CHIP-shot a coronapatiënt.

The first is a non-medical selection criteria will be the expected recording time, patients who are expected to have a relatively short time in the ICU, are given priority. A logical criterion of reason, from a capacity of, say, Dick Wilson. “The nearer a person is an ICU bed is occupied, the sooner it’s made available to others.” Normally to this criterion, there does not have to.

Health care workers are getting in on the IC will also take precedence over the others, although there are terms and conditions attached to it. It is stated in the protocol, that is, the health care professional “for frequent and high-risk contact” with a multi-Covid-patients must have had it, and at the same time, has been the victim of a lack of protective equipment. In such a case, it is a special treatment to be justified, ” says Marcel Verweij from the netherlands. “These are the people who are working for the benefit of the public interest and, due to the corona virus at higher risk.”

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Age was also a criterion in the protocol. There is no absolute age limit, but there is, however, a distinction is made between the age-groups, per years, for example, from 0 to 20 years, and 60-80 years of age). You are in a younger age group, then you are more of an ICU bed. According to the professor, this is a “just” criterion. “Younger people have less and less chance to live a full life,” says Dick Wilson. “Someone who is younger and has a lot more to lose than someone who has been for fifteen years in retirement, it is,” says Marcel Verweij from the netherlands.

According to the professor, and Martine de Vries, is of the age of this protocol is not to be the case. “The discrimination of someone of a certain age, a priori, be excluded. That’s not what’s happening here.”

The professors will have to formulate a whole set of criteria that have to be ignored in the selection process, such as “self-evident” matters such as sex and ethnicity. Also, the social status and quality of life are not important, just as it is ‘their own fault’principle. This means that a person who smokes, and that makes it even more likely for complications to Covid-19, for example, or a coronafeestje visited it, it is not to be punished. The ethicists wrote, “the limits of own responsibility are intrinsically difficult to assess”. People with disabilities should not be excluded because they have a CHIP-shot possibility of survival.

The treatment does not just stop

An IC card processing time, since a person with a better chance of survival has appeared on the scene to find that the professors are not just. “As one of the 75 have been dealt with, it can be that the person is not in the netherlands”, he told us, ” says Dick Wilson. The only good reason to do so, he says, is that the doctor, on the basis of a medical assessment and concluded that no further treatment would not be useful.

Currently, the number of Covid infection is low, and there are a limited number of patients in the intensive care unit. However, if the disease is in the fall and again get out of hand, then it may be a protocol for a ‘Code Black’ once again relevant. Of course, hope that the ethicists is that it will not be necessary. “This is, perhaps, my only advice is that I hope that it’s not practical,” says Jennifer smith.

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