Property Entrepreneurs Ask Perbanas to Relax Mortgage Selection

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Chairman of the DPP Real Estate Indonesia (REI) Paulus Totok Lusida asked the National Bank Association (Perbanas) to make it easier for people to apply for ownership credit home (mortgage). One of the conveniences he asked for was to relax the selection made to prospective debtors.

“We hope Perbanas will loosen the mortgage filter,” said Paulus at the 2021 Investor Daily Summit, Wednesday (14/7).

According to Paulus, the request was submitted because currently the selection made by banks for people who apply for mortgages is very tight. Therefore, it is not surprising that only a few submissions were received.

“KPR filters are very strict in providing mortgages. In fact, 90 percent of those who buy property from buyers are KPR and KPA,” said Paulus.

This, he said, will affect the property sector. If banks make it easier for the public to access houses with a mortgage, then the prospect of recovery in the property sector will also be faster.

Moreover, the government has provided various stimulus for the property sector. One of them is the government borne value added tax (VAT) incentive (DTP) for property purchases.

“The government provides late stimulus facilities etc. The synergy of all these facilities will affect the prospects for the property,” Paulus explained.

On the previous occasion, Paulus projected that the property sector could grow up to 20 percent this year. This is influenced by the extension of the DTP VAT incentive for property purchases until the end of 2021.

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