Prokhor Chaliapin is suspected of poisoning his wife, a millionaire

Tatyana Davis died two months after her wedding from the coronavirus.

Prokhor Chaliapin. Photo: Global Look Press

Last summer Prokhor Chaliapin married Canadian millionaire Tatiana Davis. But the couple failed to enjoy life together. A few days after a luxurious wedding in Las Vegas, the blonde was hospitalized, and two months later she died of a coronavirus.

Now Prokhor is suspected of poisoning his wife for the sake of an inheritance.

It became known yesterday that Chaliapin I turned to a pharmacist friend with a terrible question. He was interested in how it is possible to kill a person imperceptibly. Apparently, they managed to find the cherished medicines, since the millionaire’s assistant made a sensational confession.

Tatiana Davis' assistant Josephine Kuenjin
Tatiana Davis’ assistant, Josephine Kuengin. Screenshot: Actually

“I followed the instructions of Prokhor. He gave me pills. I crushed them and added to Tatiana’s food, ”said in the studio of the program “Actually” Tatiana Davis’ assistant, Josephine Kuengin.

Prokhor noted that he was seeing this assistant for the first time and left the studio, refusing to answer the question about his involvement in the death of his wife.

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