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Projection – Survey gives Abinader the winner in the first round with 53.5%


Luis Abinader, presidential candidate of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), leads by 53.5% over his rivals ahead of the presidential elections on July 5, according to a survey carried out by the polling company of the Cibao Economic Center (CEC).

Abinader leads the electoral statistics, followed by his closest competitor, the official presidential candidate of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Gonzalo Castillo, who has 34.0% in the CEC polls.

While the presidential candidate for the People’s Force (FP), Leonel Fernández, is in third place with 10.3 percent. Behind him is Guillermo Moreno, from Alianza País (Alpaís), with 2.1 percent.

Regarding the sympathies by party at the national level, the PRM leads the score with 41.5%, followed by the PLD with 29.4 percent; while the FP has 6.7 percent.

To carry out the study, the CEC pollster interviewed people over 18 years of age nationwide. The interviews were conducted by phone with 2,000 people.

The sample was probabilistic in all its stages, so the people were randomly selected from the national telephone base.

The survey has a confidence level of 95% and a national sample error of 2.2 percent; in the big capital, 3.8 percent; Northern region, 3.6%; South region, 5.3%, and the East region, 6.4%.

The fieldwork was carried out from Monday 25 to Tuesday 26 May 2020.

Previous survey

The CEC pollster had conducted another survey on May 18 and 19, the results of which placed Abinader with 53.3 percent; Castillo, 34.6 percent; Fernández, 9.9% and Moreno, 2.2 percent.

Other data

According to the CEC, when respondents were asked if they believed there would be a winner in the first round or if a second round would be necessary, 62.6% answered that there will be a winner in the first round, 25.9% think that it will be necessary to hold a second round and 11.6% said they do not know.

When asked who they believed would be the winner of the July 5 elections, 57.1% of the respondents answered that Luis Abinader; while Gonzalo Castillo would obtain 36.0%, Leonel Fernández 6.6% and Guillermo Moreno 0.3%.

The survey firm Centro Economico del Cibao is chaired by renowned area professional, economist and academic Leonardo Aguilera.

This study was funded by the Cibao Economic Center itself, according to a note.



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