Prof. Chorbanov: ITN is firmly against the green certificate, it does not stop the virus

Prof. Andrey Chorbanov

“We at ITN have always had a strong position against the green certificate, and during and after the election campaign, we are not at all convinced of the effectiveness of the green certificate as protection against Covid-19,” immunologist Prof. Andrey Chorbanov told BNR. who is also an MP from ITN.

“The virus is spreading all over the world and the certificate does not stop it. This is true in Western Europe and the United States, where the green certificate is widely used.

We, as a parliamentary group, will not back down from our position, and this will be seen in the voting of both the committees and the vote in the National Assembly – we are against the green certificate and people will see it.

Whether this will shake the coalition is a topic to be discussed at the level of coalition partners.

However, we are firmly against the certificate and we are convinced of our position, and we made this commitment to our voters, “said Prof. Chorbanov in the program” 12 + 3 “.

He added that within the constitutional powers of the National Assembly they will insist that the green certificate be dropped for other places as well – such as malls, restaurants, hotels, schools.
According to Prof. Chorbanov, other health measures, treatment protocols and efficiency for the work of the health system should be applied.

“For me, the new pandemic headquarters of the Ministry of Health consists of people who do not have critical thinking or different from the given policies. This was the case during GERB, and it is good to have an opponent who has a critical attitude to what is applied “, said Prof. Chorbanov.

Additional measures such as lockdown are not necessary because of Omicron, because it is a type of virus in which such measures do not work, he said.

However, the immunologist called on risk groups to limit their contact and protect themselves through isolation. According to Prof. Chorbanov, it is tragic for the Ministry of Interior to investigate which are the fake green certificates – this should not be their function.


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