Prof. Baltov: The omicron is very reminiscent of the Wuhan version

He is not getting used to it, we have a lot of ideas, but unfortunately there is no audibility in the ruling coalition so far. Whatever is proposed by the opposition is bad and is not accepted. In the last 3 months, household bills have increased 3-4 times. The compensations are extremely insufficient. This is how the former director of “Pirogov” Prof. Asen Baltov commented on his new role as a GERB-UDF MP in “The day begins with Georgi Lyubenov” on BNT.

Omicron entered parliament. One of the first to be infected was the Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Minchev. The omicron is very reminiscent of the Wuhan version. Vaccines and survivors have been pierced by it. These antibodies have absolutely no effect on it. About 19% of the samples are for children under 18 years of age. Even in preschool there are already infected. The border goes lower and lower. It turns out what it was in the first wave. Children and staff are infected first. If we don’t have medics, who will treat the sick ?, he commented.

At the peak of the third and fourth waves, we had fewer people infected than we have now in 5 days. The sparing quick tests that are done at school are not of sufficient quality. They do not catch many of the sick, said Prof. Baltov.

The intubated patient requires much more care. Understand that there is nothing wrong with vaccines and nothing bad will happen. All this harms the economy. Unfortunately, a fourth dose will probably be needed. A second booster should be applied no later than the fifth month. If this continues, the other option is to modify the vaccine. Authorities are currently lagging behind in vaccination, he added.

According to him, doctors, military and teachers must be vaccinated.

We do not have enough protection from Omicron at the moment and therefore the measures must be strengthened, concluded Baltov.


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