Production and logistics closely networked

The old house distillery Penninger has been rooted in the Bavarian Forest for over 100 years. The company, founded in 1905, is now family-run in the fourth generation and is known far beyond the Bavarian border for its spirits such as Penninger Blutwurz.

With the move to Waldkirchen, the modernization strategy in logistics and production that was initiated a few years ago should be further advanced. In particular, the special requirements of the beverage industry, such as the handling of batches, should be met. In principle, all logistics processes should be digitized.

A challenge that many small and medium-sized food producers and beverage manufacturers face is only too well known at Penninger: the close dovetailing of logistics and production. Many companies handle production via the ERP system, but this often reaches its limits when it comes to handling logistics digitally. Because the interaction of raw materials warehouse, production and shipping warehouse is complex. The company was therefore looking for a software solution that not only communicates with the higher-level ERP system drink.3000 but also adequately supports production to ensure continuous traceability.

Logistics and production digitized

Dilos, the warehouse management system from the provider Remira, has a module that is specialized for these requirements, with which the required production processes can also be covered. Today, the software contributes to the fact that the spirits manufacturer has completely digitized its entire flow of goods and optimized it with the help of the software. The solution controls the entire production and logistics process at the new location in Waldkirchen.

The system also ensures stock security. If production receives an order, the software checks whether all the ingredients are available in the raw materials store. According to the user, if all ingredients are not available in sufficient quantities in the warehouse, the system adjusts the list of ingredients to the quantity that can actually be produced. The optimal picking processes for the warehouse team are then calculated automatically and without paper. The employees prepare the goods for production using mobile data acquisition technology and the manufacturing process begins. The warehouse management system also calculates how many bottles, labels and caps are required for the respective filling quantity. As a result, the family business has become a big step more digital and modern.

Image source: Alte Hausbrennerei Penninger GmbH


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