Business Proceeds of approximately EUR 155 million: Ex-chief brown sold...

Proceeds of approximately EUR 155 million: Ex-chief brown sold Wirecard-shares


The balance sheet scandal of Wirecard shaken the financial and stock market space Germany. 1.9 billion euros are gone, the price of the financial service provider is days in free fall. Ex-head of the group, brown redeemed a three-digit million sum.

Ex-Wirecard CEO Markus Braun has repelled a large part of its shares to the of a balance-sheet scandal endangered the very existence of the Dax group. In a series of sales of brown have redeemed on the Thursday and Friday a total of 155 million euros, informed Wirecard. The papers were sold at prices between 43,96 and 26,64 EUR.

Wirecard 17,60

In the balance-sheet scandal involving alleged air bookings in the amount of 1.9 billion euros as an accomplice under the suspicion of brown was previously with a share of seven percent, also the largest Wirecard shareholder.

The dramatic rate of loss stopped for the time being

The Dax group has a total of just under 123.6 million shares outstanding, a rough estimate, brown has now sold over five million of its services to approximately 8.7 million Wirecard papers. The Wirecard papers have lost since Wednesday evening of last week, more than ten billion euros in value. The rate of loss was, at times, to almost 90 percent in just three trading days. On Tuesday, the papers to be laid back.

Brown had resigned last Friday due to the accounting fraud alleged air bookings in the amount of 1.9 billion euros, the Munich public Prosecutor’s office had taken him on Monday evening. The Munich district court has set the arrest warrant against high conditions, except for law enforcement. Brown needs to put five million Euro Deposit and weekly report to the police.



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