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Prices of owner-occupied homes in may, the highest level ever NOW


The price of an existing, owner-occupied home was the previous month, the highest level ever. The average sales price came in at 333.000 euros, reporting to the Dutch Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) and the Land registry on Monday.

The average price of a home was not so high,” said chief economist Peter Hein van Mulligen of the CBS Mondays at NU.nl. The last record came out in may of 2018.

The past one month, the prices of owner-occupied housing is 7.7% higher than in may of last year. “This price increase is larger than in the previous months, find the CBS (statistics netherlands and the Land registry on the basis of a study of the evolution of prices of owner-occupied housing.

After reaching a peak in August of 2008, the housing prices have been steadily downward to a low point in June 2013. “Since then, there has been an upward trend,” according to CBS. In may 2018, prices for the first time, back up to the peak of a decade earlier. “In may of 2020 will have reached the highest level ever,” says van Mulligen.

Compared to the valley by mid-2013, the homes are now almost 50% more expensive.

The effects of crisis are still not or hardly be visible

In the past month and are nearly 7 percent fewer houses changed ownership in may of last year. “In the first five months of this year, 88.780 homes and we owner, is more than 5 per cent higher than in the same period, by 2019 at the latest.”

Statistics netherlands and the Land registry office to look into the selling prices of existing owner-occupied housing, based on the transaction at the notary’s office. As a result, according to the CBS, if any, of the effects of the coronacrisis is not at all visible. “The sale and purchase agreements are likely to be largely to the outbreak of the crisis in the Netherlands, to a close.”




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