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The Instagram account of Queen Elizabeth II has a new post with the “photo of the day”. The action is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Her Majesty’s reign.

Yesterday, Queen Elizabeth II missed the opening ceremony of Parliament, which was attended on her behalf by Prince Charles and Prince William. But this does not mean that the era of her reign has come to an end. Her Majesty, with a firm mind and memory, continues to do her main job – to serve her people. That’s just because of problems with mobility, appearing in public will now be extremely rare.

For fans of Her Majesty, her account now publishes a new so-called “photo of the day” every day, which marks the 70th anniversary of her tenure on the throne.

A photo dated 2000 was published today.

“2000. The Queen receives flowers from the crowd in Bourke, New South Wales, during a visit to Australia.

Also in 2000, the world welcomed the new millennium with spectacular celebrations.

Yesterday, we recall, we remembered like in 1999 The queen was visiting South Korea on a state visit.

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