Prague Stock Exchange and PX Index. How the stocks are doing on the home floor

PX index and current value

The PX index reached its all-time high in 2007. However, a sharp decline ensued due to the global economic crisis. The decline due to the coronavirus shock in March 2020 was similarly dramatic. However, thanks to the extremely relaxed policy of central banks, the domestic stock market quickly erased its losses at the time.

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Prague Stock Exchange: summary of the last trading day

The Prague Stock Exchange has been surpassing its nine-year high in January 2014 for two days now, when it rose to 1,448.75 during the day. The PX Index strengthened by 0.41 percent to 1448.75 points. The largest increase today was recorded by the shares of SHS PHOTON ENERGY and the Austrian banking group Erste Group Bank.

The biggest decrease in value affected the shares of the Czech technology company Avast and Česká zbrojovka. This follows from the data of the stock exchange website. Of the twelve main titles of the Prague Stock Exchange, six ended trading in the red today, and another three issues stagnated. The most significant growth was achieved by SHS PHOTON ENERGY securities, which improved by 2.01 percent to 40.60 crowns.

The issue of the Austrian group Erste Group Bank gained 1.84 percent to 1080.50 crowns. At the same time, during the day, they exceeded the four-year maximum of November 2021 with a value of CZK 1080.5. Other loss-making stocks on the Prague Stock Exchange included Česká zbrojovka shares, which fell 0.4 percent to 504 crowns.

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PX Index and its bases *


Originally Czech cybersecurity society will end on the Prague Stock Exchange. The reason is its takeover by the American company NortonLifeLock. The merger is to cost about 190 billion crowns.

Česká zbrojovka Group

The Uherské Brod holding attracted investors mainly by acquiring the American company Colt Holding Company.


Energy company with a 70 percent share of the state. Investors expect relatively high dividends due to soaring electricity prices.

First Group Bank

Austrian banking group operating in the Czech Republic through Česká spořitelna, among others. Investors hope that a possible increase in interest rates in the euro area and the Czech Republic will help the group’s financial results.

Kofola Czechoslovakia

Founded in 2021, the beverage group continues, among other things, the pre-revolutionary popularity of the beverage Coke.

Commercial Bank

A subsidiary of a French financial group Societe Generale.

Moneta Money Bank

The fourth largest bank in the Czech Republic is one of the most profitable stocks on the Prague Stock Exchange. However, Monety’s business wants to take over the groups PPF.

O2 Czech Republic

The telecommunications group is awaiting a withdrawal from the Prague Stock Exchange after PPF, as the company’s majority shareholder O2 Czech Republic exceeded 90%. It plans to end the public trading of shares. O2 Czech Republic, like Moneta Money Bank, was also one of the value stocks in which it pays to invest not only during the turmoil in the financial markets.

Philip Morris CR

Philip Morris International’s subsidiary is increasingly betting on its heated tobacco product. It is said to be a less harmful variant of smoking.

Photon Energy

The solar company was included in the PX index on March 22, 2021.

SABB Finance

The exchange company was included in the PX index on March 22, 2021.

Stock Spirits Group

In addition to the Czech Republic, the British distillate producer also operates in Poland, Italy and Slovakia.

Vienna Insurance Group

The Vienna Insurance Group is one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe.

* As of September 20, 2021


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